Scientific support and regulatory guidance to get nutraceutical
finished products or raw materials ready for the US market.
What do you need in order to market
your product safely & quickly?


What is the claim?
What is it supposed to
do for you?


Is your product ready to be launched promptly and effectively?

Is it Scientifically VALID?

Are the studies done on the ingredient well designed? Are the outcomes that have been measured clearly enunciated? Is the statistical analysis appropriate? And more importantly do the results demonstrate a benefit that is of practical significance?

Are theCLAIMS acceptable?

Are the claims general enough, or do they cover an effect on the structure or any function of the body? Know that disease claims are not permitted. Are the claims scientifically substantiated so FTC does not object? Careful review of the claims will reduce those occurrences that would significantly affect your business.

Is it SAFE?

It is the responsibility of the supplier or the reseller to insure that their products are safe for human consumption. By doing your due diligence and knowing that your product is safe will save you time and money down the road and establish you as a credible supplier/reseller.

Is the Ingredient LEGAL?

Has the ingredient been sold in the US prior to 1994 or has it been used in the food supply? Is the chemical profile of your ingredient similar to what is found in food or had it been significantly altered?


FDA regulates foods and dietary supplements under its jurisdiction based upon their intended use as evidenced by the supplier or marketer's claims or representations about the products. Understanding this from the get-go will save time and money to get the product ready for the market place.


  • Help figuring out whether your DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS could be SOLD in the USA
  • Evaluate the SCIENCE of the ingredients or finished products to build SUBSTANTIATION for your CLAIMS
  • Help determine whether your ingredient is NEW or not
  • Evaluate the SAFETY of a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) and get the NDI NOTIFICATION done
  • Help understand and implement the REGULATORY ASPECTS
  • Review your NUTRITION or SUPPLEMENTS FACTS LABELS so they are correct
  • Write RESEARCH PROTOCOLS and study research MANUSCRIPTS to be submitted for publication
  • Help DEFEND your products SCIENTIFICALLY should your products be contested

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